Issue Seven – Inked Australia/New Zealand Magazine Review

(Originally posted 22/05/2011)

Issue Seven – Inked Australia/New Zealand Magazine Review

Issue 7 of Inked Australia/NZ magazine hit the shelves on May 4th. While Issue 6 was an all tattoo artist issue, Issue 7 is more heavily focused on some amazingly talented musicians, who just happen to be adorned in some equally impressive ink. Sabina Kelley was lucky enough to snag the cover (along with a feature in the magazine), being a favourite of men and women in the world of tattoos.

This is quite possibly my favourite ever Sabina Kelley photo spread; beautiful photos of a gorgeous woman. There’s nothing trashy about them, the photographs in themselves are pieces of art, with the subject herself (Sabina) adorned with art in the form of tattoos. These photos are classy and different to what is often splashed across the pages of less prestigious tattoo magazines. 

Sabina mentioned in the interview that she hasn’t had the support of her family due to her life and career choices. Being the strong and determined person she is, she has managed to create a life and career for herself which she loves and continues to excel in. Sabina is clearly much more than a pretty face. She is happily married, mother to three children who love her, intelligent, a skilled laser tattoo removalist, model, dancer, business woman, and respected by her peers.

Over the course of her career she has done so much, yet still has the drive and ambition to achieve more. Inked Australia/NZ has got it right, Sabina Kelley is Super Woman; someone all tattooed and non-tattooed women alike can look up to.


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