Issue Six – Inked Australia/New Zealand Magazine Review

(Originally posted 14/03/2011)

Issue Six – Inked Australia/New Zealand Magazine Review

This magazine has turned into something much bigger than I think many expected. With some many tattoo magazines on the market, produced both here in Australia and worldwide, Inked Australia has managed to find their niche and continue to impress with each issue.

It is more than simply a tattoo magazine, with some photos of tattoos done by Australian artists. It is a step inside the tattoo world, which even those of us with tattoos will never have the true chance to experience. The magazine goes deeper and finds the inspirations and other passions of the tattoo artists. These people are multi-dimensional, with the extraordinary talent to be able to paint, sculpt, play music, and, of course, the ability to draw and transfer the subject matter onto a persons skin. This is prime exposure for these artists, as they are featured alngside people they admire, in a magazine celebrating great tattoos and amazing art work.

While many people still refuse to accept tattooing as a form of art, the numbers of people who do are surely growing.
Who needs to go to an art museum when there are so many walking, living and breathing canavses out there, with art covering their own bodies? People are learning what a good tattoo is versus a bad one. They are understanding that cost should not play a factor when getting tattooed. The talent of the artist outweighs any financial issue.

I have been exposed to artists I have never heard of, and love that I am learning while being mesmerised by art like I have never seen before. Inked Magazine is celebrating and promoting talent, so lets all enjoy it while the artists are still around.


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