Issue 9 – Inked Australia/New Zealand Magazine

With an ever growing fan base, Inked is now able to expand its horizons, reaching out to various members from the tattoo community. With that being said, they managed to get an exclusive interview with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this issue cover guys.

If you’re female, and love hot, tattooed guys, then you are in for a treat. The ‘Xtreme’ piece showcases guys who put their bodies on the line in the name of their sport. While Inked Guys may not be a viable idea to put to print, the many shirtless guys in Issue 9 are sure to satisfy your needs. But guys, don’t fret, there is, as always, several gorgeous girls gracing the pages of the magazine.

You could say the theme of this issue would be determination to succeed, whether it is developing tattoo skills, becoming a better athlete, or turning a dream into reality. None of this happens overnight. It takes years to perfect an art. They have tattoos that mark a place in time, memories to carry with them for the rest of their lives. People are easy to dismiss the successful as being “lucky” to be in that position.  Positive thinking, drive, passion all contribute to making the people we see before us in this is

The Skate4Cancer piece is so inspiring.  Cancer touches everyone at some stage in their lives. Raising money for research is crucial in the fight to find a cure for this horrible disease. Hopefully Rob Dyer’s story will encourage other Inked readers to be more charitable.  I know I’ll be more active in raising money for causes that I strongly believe in.

If you want to get involved, check out Inked’s website for more details on Rob’s journey and donate to or help promote the cause. Perhaps stories like this will help dispel some of the stigma associated with tattooed people.

The NY Ink – Wooster Street Social Club piece strips back all the mirrors from the carefully edited TLC show, and goes back to basics. The people on the show are tattoo artists through and through.  These tattoo artists are not one dimensional, they can tackle just about any tattoo style there is. They have branched out into other artistic endeavours to showcase their talents across a variety of mediums. While the idea of “reality TV” may not appeal to you, nothing can take away from their talent; talent doesn’t lie.

Once again the team at Inked have outdone themselves. This issue is jam packed with people with amazing life stories to tell along with beautiful works of art adorning their skin. Those of us with a passion for tattoos are special bunch.

And on that note, go out and buy the current issue of Inked. If your local newsagents have no copies, be sure to ask them to order it in for you. Better yet, head to  to subscribe, or check out pages 40 and 41 on details how to subscribe and receive a copy of Eastbound & Down Season 2.

 Issue 10 will hit newsstands October 26. For now, enjoy and spread the word.

— Modern Medusa




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