My New Tattoo

Friday September 16th kicked off the first day of the inaugural Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo.

Thanks to Inked Australia/NZ Magazine, it is how I discovered Craigy Lee. I am a big fan of his neo-traditional style.

My original concept was an owl perched atop a skull, a pocket watch in its claws, surrounded by a mix of decaying and blooming roses. I went to Craigy Lee with this idea and booked in to be tattooed by him at the expo.

I gave him complete artist freedom to make the design his own. The pocket watch was an element which was removed from the design as it would have made it look too cluttered. The decaying roses would not have translated well as a tattoo, so instead the skull is missing the lower jaw, adding a dramatic effect.

After 4 and a half hours of tattooing, this was the end result:


While it did not win Female Tattoo of the Day (Friday), the tattoo is beautiful, and something I will forever love adorning my body.

Craigy Lee is in Australia for only a couple more weeks before he heads back home to England. Check out his website for more details.


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