Inked Girls Issue 4

Inked Australia’s Inked Girls Issue 4 hit shelves today, with not one but two covers.

Inked Girls continues to go from strength to strength. The magazine features gorgeous tattooed women from Australia and worldwide, and appeals to men and women alike. There is something about tattooed women that sets them apart from those without ink.

History has forever been enamored with the female form. It’s considered a work of art on its own. Add tattoos to that and you’ve got an unbeatable combination.

These women are more than just pretty faces. They are travelled, cultured, and some, nerds at heart. Art lovers who carry their favourite pieces on their bodies.

I admire these girls because they have no qualms being themselves and adorned in inked. They do not cave into societal pressure to be what others consider a woman should be.  Here are women who wear their heart on their (tattooed) sleeve. They are the reason why heavily tattooed women are being seen in a new light.

Educated, driven, accomplished, and classy are characteristics which describe all the Inked Girls. They are breaking the stereotype, or perhaps redefining the old one, of women with tattoos. It is possible to be both inked and sexy.

Pick up your copy of Inked Australia/NZ – Inked Girls 4 at most newsagents.


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