Awful Modifications

I was browsing the Awful Modifications Tumblr page this morning when I came across this photo:

Look familiar? If you’ve been following my blog since September last year, then you would know that I got tattooed by Craigy Lee at the Melbourne Tattoo Expo. You can read the full post here.

Other than the Hold Fast banner, this is a direct copy of my tattoo.

Craigy Lee gifted me with the two original sketches that he did for this custom design. Since this design has already been stolen, I won’t post a photo of them.

I don’t know what compels people to steal tattoo designs from other people. But if you are going to do so, at least go to a decent tattoo artist, not some backyard scratcher.

That person will have to live with that terrible tattoo on their body for the rest of their life. That is punishment enough.


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