Ruin Art Collective

As you can see in a previous post, it was Ran Maclurkin who tattooed my feet back in 2010.


The Ruin Art Collective is something he is trying to get off the ground. In his own words:

…this is about pushing art, we are not about ego, about what is in, this is a multi facet idea. A dream, a vision. This is about embracing art, and expression, fuck the main stream, this is respectful to what has come before, while also pushing things forward.

A gallery to display art

A retail store to sell art, books, clothing

A publishing studio, release art through hardcover books

A tattoo studio, a studio with an emphasis on pushing tattooing outside the boundaries it operates in.

Read more about Ran’s vision here.


After almost dying last year he’s even more determined to follow this path and make his dreams a reality. This is where you come in. To get the Ruin Art Collective off the ground Ran needs some help. He has set up an account on Pozible “Australia’s No.1 crowd-funding platform for creative individuals, groups and organisations’, where he is collecting donations towards his goal of $10,000.

You can donate as little as $1.00, or for $5 and over choose a reward from a specific price category, or you can choose to donate and take no reward. Whichever one you choose, you’ll know the money is going towards Ran making his dream project a reality.


Here are some other ways you can support Ran Maclurkin –

Buy his Abstract Noir 101 book

Ran’s art is available at ArtBoy Gallery

Ran’s Tshirt designs on Red Bubble


To keep up to date with Ran, ‘Like’ these pages –

Ran’s Facebook page

Ruin Art Collective Facebook page


Facebook have a habit of deleting some of his photos/arts, so check out his website for more updates.


Donate here —


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