My Full Back Piece

Lately I have been gathering inspiration for my full back piece tattoo. I already have a lower back tattoo:


and my neck/upper back tattooed:


so whatever I design will have to incorporate these two pieces into it.

So far these are the ideas I have –

  • A girl with flowing hair standing in a graveyard
  • Wearing beads and torn clothes
  • A single tear falling from her eye
  • Tombstones in the background
  • Ravens flying (turning into my white doves)
  • Storm clouds
  • Dead trees
  • A black cat (with bright yellow eyes)¬†trailing behind the girl

With the amount of hours required for a full back piece, my choice of tattooist will most likely be limited to those living in Victoria. Now comes the fun of deciding who to choose.


2 thoughts on “My Full Back Piece

    • It’ll just be whatever the tattoo artist draws up. Depending on how much space I have left, it may just be that I have ravens lower down on my back, with the doves up the top like they are now.
      I love giving my ideas to tattoo artists and letting them have free reign over the design process; all the more surprise.

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