Ear Scalpel – Six Months On

This Saturday will mark six months since I got my ears scalpelled. I went from a 16/18g (I’m not entirely sure as I got my ears pierced with a gun at a chemist when I was five. As we know piercing guns are a big no-no, but 19 years ago not many people knew any better) lobe piercing to a 00g within the matter of an afternoon.

The healing process was fairly standard for me. The first few days my ears were dealing with the trauma, still a little swollen, but they bleed very little. I washed them with a warm salt water solution twice a day and was careful not to sleep on them for a few weeks. Around the 12 week mark I decided to remove the surgical steel eyelets and replace them with some of the pretty plugs that I had purchased.

Initially I was adamant with going no bigger than 00g. However, as time went on I decided 00g just wasn’t big enough. I found with my double flared plugs that my ears had naturally stretched and I had no issues with going up to 7/16″.  Being the overly cautious person I am, I kept them at this size for close to two months.

I’m currently at 1/2″ and I hope to stretch up to 9/16″ in the coming months. My new goal size is around 3/4″ or 7/8″ which I hope to reach before my birthday next year.

Looking after my stretched ears doesn’t take all that much time or effort. As I don’t want to invest in any more plugs until I reach my goal size, I just wear stainless steel eyelets. I wash them and my lobes daily, in addition to massaging my lobes with jojoba oil once a day. As it’s Winter I’ve taken to applying jojoba oil twice a day to combat dry skin from the cold weather.

Stretching your ears isn’t something to take lightly. There are so many resources online on how to stretch safely and which materials to use. The last thing you want is to rush it and end up with a cat butt for an ear lobe; blowouts are not pretty.


NOTE: I’ll be selling my 00g plug collection in the coming weeks. I got a little over excited that I purchased a tonne of plugs which I now can’t wear because the gauge is too small. If you’re in the market for some 00g plugs, check back here soon.


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