My Favourite Things of 2012

I know 2012 isn’t over quite yet, but here is a list of My Favourite Things of 2012.


New Product – Chobani Greek Yogurt (you can check out my healthy recipes at my other blog here). I was spoilt as they sent me a case of yogurts to test out; now I’m addicted.

Podcasts –

  • The Wind Up
  • I Love Green Guide Letters
  • Little Dum Dum club
  • The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana


Tattoo Expo –  Rites of Passage Festival 2012 where I got a hand poked/tebori tattoo from Horishin.

Fitness Bloggers –  

Jill Hanner
Kasey Arena – Powercakes
Cassey Ho – Pop Pilates


YouTubers –

Eat Your Kim Chi
Jenna Marbles
Daily Grace
You Deserve A Drink
My Drunk Kitchen

Movie – I think I only saw two or three new movies at the cinema this year and only because I reviewed them for Youthcentral. Going by that, Ted would have to be my favourite.


Song – Pink “Try”. The song has such deep and meaningful lyrics and visually beautiful video clip to accompany it.


Television Show – I Will Survive: Priscilla. I literally have never laughed as much at a reality television show. Tom was such a cutie.


Tattoo Artist – Benjamin Laukis


Magazine – Once again, Inked Australia.


New tattoo – I got quite a few tattoos this year, but my Bakeneko/Nekomata tattoo has inspired me to really look into Japanese mythology. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting tattooed again, so I’ll have to live vicariously through everyone else like I already do.


My Favourite Things of 2011

My Favourite Things of 2011

Favourite Convention of 2011
Wrestle Reunion 5

The Melbourne Tattoo Expo was special because I got tattooed by Craigy Lee, but it pales in comparison with my three days at Wrestle Reunion 5.

I bought a VIP pass and got to meet wrestlers I had grown up watching. It was such a surreal moment, and one I will never forget. The ROH and PWG shows that same weekend are the best wrestling events I have ever been to.

Favourite Blogger of 2011
Kandee Johnson

Makeup artist, master of arts and crafts and a mother of four, is there anything she can’t do?
Kandee’s blog and YouTube videos provide a constant source of information and inspiration.

Favourite Clothing Line of 2011
Sober Is Sexy

A percentage of profits from this clothing line goes towards charity. Sober Is Sexy is a collection of shirts, singlets and pants promoting a sober lifestyle of not partaking in drugs or alcohol. Sober is the sexy look, not being a hot mess.

Collection two is now on sale.

Favourite Podcast of 2011
The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

Each week Colt speaks with a fellow professional wrestler about memorable moments in their careers. The podcast introduces the listeners to wrestlers they may have never heard of. It is not just a wrestling podcast, but life stories, lessons and memories from people living their dream, travelling around the world entertaining others.

Help support the podcast by going to Colt Merch.

Favourite Television Show of 2011
American Horror Story.

At first I was sceptical, as the storyline seemed similar to the Amityville Horror. But as they slowly revealed more about the history of the house and introduced more characters, I was hooked. I don’t see how this show can go further than one season.

This has been the first show in years where I truly have had no idea where the story would go next. We need more horror/thriller television shows like this.

Favourite Movie of 2011

Favourite Singer/Band of 2011

His work with The Basics is how I first discovered several years ago, and I’ve since fallen in love with his sound.

I like to think of Wally De Backer as an Australian Phil Collins. Both being drummers, he tells tales of heartache through his experimentation with sound bites and instruments.

Favourite Live Music Event of 2011
Stevie Nicks

Hearing Stevie perform ‘Edge of Seventeen’ live was so hauntingly beautiful.

Check out my review here.

Favourite Tattoo Artist of 2011
Grant Cobb

Favourite Painter of 2011
Shawn Barber

Favourite Magazine of 2011
Inked Australia/New Zealand magazine

With the amount that I write and talk about this magazine you would be mistaken in thinking i was getting paid to do so. But it is this magazine that reinvigorated my love of writing, introduced to me countless number of artists, the best in their mediums.

I’ve been inspired by the people in the magazine, out there making a living doing what they love, all unique in their own special ways. There is no Australian tattoo magazine on the market that offers that mix of lifestyle, art, music etc.

Check out my reviews of Inked Australia here.

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2011: Year in Review

2011: Year in Review

As I look back on 2011 I can’t help but get a little emotional. This year has been a memorable one thus far, to say the least. There have been ups and downs, but for the most part it has been one of the best years in my life (so far).


In January I was still travelling overseas. Following on from Los Angeles, San Diego, Tijuana, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, Key West, Cozumel, Washington DC. I spent January in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago and back to Los Angeles.

New York – I was living my dream of walking through Central Park, visiting the Statue of Liberty and standing atop the Empire State Building, overlooking the city below.

Toronto – I got up-close with some adorable squirrels, it was so tempting not to take one home with me.

Montreal – I was immersed in the French-Canadian culture.

Chicago – I fell in love with this city. I could imagine myself living there.

Los Angeles – I spent three days at Wrestle Reunion 5, meeting the legends of wrestling. I attended my first US independent wrestling show, Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. I was introduced to wrestlers I had never heard of and fell in love with wrestling all over again.

Having the opportunity to attend Wrestle Reunion was an experience I will never forget. There I was surrounded by people brought together by a shared love of wrestling: from young to old wrestlers, fans and the promoters.

I’ve never been somewhere with such positive energy before. The love and passion exuding from the wrestlers really hit me emotionally. Rowdy Roddy Piper, Jimmy Hart, Shane Douglas and Colt Cabana were stand outs for me. They all took so much time to engage with people, talking one-on-one, having proper conversations with fans.

Never mind being star struck, I got so much from this experience. I was at the recording of the first live Art of Wrestling podcast taping between Colt Cabana and Shane Helms.

I got to see the legendary band, INXS at a Day on the Green. While I would give anything to have seen the original INXS pre-1997 with Michael Hutchence, JD Fortune did justice to every single song. The support acts Train, Sean Kelley and the Baby Animals were perfect examples of talented live performers.


In August I changed jobs, transferring stores to work in a different department. Despite the drama involved in obtaining my transfer, it was the best decision I could have made. I now go to work with a smile on my face as the people I work with are all so friendly and accepting. While it’s not a job that I wish to make my career, it suits me for now.

• Bryan Adams – I was front row at the Melbourne leg of his Bare Bones Tour. It was just Bryan and his guitar and a pianist. All his greatest hits stripped back, he was perfection.

• Craigy Lee – I attended the 1st Annual Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo where I got tattooed by Craigy Lee. We had sent ideas back and forth for several weeks until we finally settled on a design. Close to six hours of tattooing, and one swollen leg later, this was the result:

I was chosen as one of 30 Roving Reporters for the Victorian Government’s Youth Central website. If it wasn’t for my mum’s persistence I don’t think I would have applied. It was nice to see how proud she was of me, to achieve something outside of school, in the real world.

Seeing Stevie Nicks perform live is a moment I never want to forget. I spent the night struggling to hold back tears. Her unique voice and story-telling ability through song is what has always drawn me to her.
Check out my review of Stevie Nicks on the YouthCentral website.

2011 has been one of my busiest years. I may still have my old sarcastic/negative comments and mindset at times, but at the end of the day I can now smile. Rather than giving in to the pressure of being someone I am not, I am embracing my differences. It may be cliché, but life really is too short to waste time on such trivial matters.

I ended a friendship that had run its course. I may have not gone the right way about it, but for me it was the closure that I needed.

I have taken positive steps towards my education and developing new skills for my future career, whatever that may eventually be. I have a new found desire to learn and be able to apply what I have learnt to my various art projects.

After all the years of talking, I finally put in my application for the US Visa Diversity Lottery. There is only a small chance that I will be one of the lucky ones, but I’m focusing on staying positive. It has always been my dream to live and work in the US and I won’t give up until I achieve it.

I found inspiration. I found myself once again. Movies. Wrestling. Art. Writing. Reading. Photography. This is all I need to be happy.

2012 is shaping up to be another great 12 months. I already have so much to look forward to in the coming year.

• Seether
• Alter Bridge, Steel Panther
• Attending Melbourne Vixens netball games
• Interviewing NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce
• Getting tattooed by Arn Lyons at The Piercing Urge

Celebrating The One Year Anniversary of The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana podcast

 It has been one year since Colt Cabana first brought us The Art of Wrestling Podcast: “A professional wrestling podcast, a life podcast, a personal journal, an entry way into the minds, the souls, the hearts and the lives of people involved in the world of professional wrestling.”

But who is Colt Cabana? I’ll let him tell you: “I am a Chicago native, a podcaster, an entertainer, small businessman, an entrepreneur and a professional wrestler.”

The Art of Wrestling podcast shines the spotlight on the independent wrestling scene; Colt Cabana finds a way to draw the most entertaining stories out of his guests. His close bonds with these guys, and girls, who he has met, and maintained friendships with over the years, gives the listeners insight into the inner workings of the wrestling industry. Their passion for wrestling, despite the setbacks at times, is what makes this podcast so enthralling. The honest and comedic stories told with such charisma displays the characteristics of natural born performers.

This podcast has filled a void in the social marketing/media of wrestling. Instead of fans podcasting or blogging about their thoughts on the weeks wrestling action, with the occasional appearance of an actual wrestler, the Art of Wrestling is hosted by a veteran of the wrestling industry. Give Colt Cabana a microphone and one of his many friends (and fellow wrestlers) and what you get is an hour of no holds barred, honest and insightful content.

Colt’s personality shines through each week. He’s a real guy with many of the same problems that we face, but he always manages to do it with a smile on his face. He has such positivity and drive to succeed, traits we could all use a little more of.

Success isn’t defined by how much money you’re making, but by the life experiences and stories that you share with others. He and these wrestlers are out living life, travelling, wrestling, entertaining people, making the most of the time they have. These are not shoot interviews, but simply a place for wrestlers to reminisce about the amazing (and not so amazing) experiences they’ve had as wrestlers. Their stories are all different, they’ve come from different backgrounds, idolised different wrestlers growing up, but all share that common bond of living their dream; that of being a professional wrestler.

Listen to Episode 7 to find out why Adam Pearce affectionately refers to Colt as Shit Pockets. In Episode 20, Austin Aries and Colt share an interesting, but mostly awkward, story about the older gentleman they met whilst sitting in a hot tub together. Or there is Episode 15 where you find out why Matt Cross almost ended up in prison as a teenager. Roderick Strong tells of father’s mid-life crisis in Episode 17 and how it ended up with them wrestling in Jim Neidhart’s backyard. X-Pac, Jimmy Jacobs, Zack Gowen, and Cassandro’s stories, in Episodes 12, 14, 24, and 32 respectively, are hard-hitting and revealing of where they could have easily given up, but have overcome obstacles and turned their lives around.

It is these stories and experiences that are what makes the Art of Wrestling unique and a compelling listen week after week. A new found respect for independent wrestlers is what I have drawn from these podcasts. After having little to no access to wrestling for the past five years, my passion is now reignited. Stripping back all the huge production elements of the big name companies, I remember what I loved about wrestling; the competition, the athleticism, the good vs. bad storylines, and being so immersed in a match that I forget about the world around me. These guys truly put their hearts and bodies on the line whenever they step into the ring.

I think many forget or are ignorant to the wrestling industry outside of TNA and WWE. The independent wrestling scene needs continued support from us, the fans. These wrestlers are constantly out on the road, going from city to city, trying to make a living for themselves and their families, by offering us their talent in the form of entertainment. Go out to a local show, buy some merchandise and show your love that exists purely to entertain the fans.

This podcast is a form of entertainment, and in other aspects of our life we would pay for said entertainment. It’s not about forcing people into buying something, but thinking about it in a larger sense; the more people who support Colt (by sharing the podcast with friends, or buying merchandise), the longer he can continue to do the podcast. So, please go to and buy a poster, a button, a T-shirt or a DVD, and help support Colt continue living his dream, and entertaining us all along the way.

Favourite Songs of the Week

“Land of 1000 Dances” by the 1986 WWF Roster
Episode 2
(6:48 – 11:14)  

“Be a Man, Hogan” by Macho Man Randy Savage
Episode 17
(9:55 – 12:47)

“I’m Your Man” by Rowdy Roddy Piper
Episode 20
(11:25 – 14:18)

“Grandma Versus The Crusher” by Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
 Episode 35
(8:23 – 12:23)

Favourite Quote

“Spandex, baby oil and boner control; the three most important things to being a pro-wrestler” – Colt Cabana (Episode 10 – opening monologue)