Tattoo Expo Fever – 25 Days To Go

It’s less than four weeks until the Australian International Tattoo Show. As if this event could get any better, it was announced today that Ami James from Miami Ink and NY Ink will be attending. If you wish to get tattooed by Ami, it’s best to contact him directly.

UPDATE: Shortly after announcing that Ami would be attending the announcement was removed from their Facebook page. By the looks of it, it’s unlikely he will be there.

Tickets can now be purchased online for Crazy AITS. Why buy now? Because you’ll get your tickets at a discount rate and it means skipping the queues at the expo.

The Crazy AITS website has recently been updated. Click here to check out all the newly added tattoo artists and for a detailed itinerary for each day of the expo.

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Five days after Crazy AITS wraps up, we’re treated to the 2nd Annual Melbourne Tattoo And Body Art Expo.

The Corey Miller VIP Experience Tickets/Competition are on sale until October 30. For $60 you get a day pass for the Melbourne Tattoo Expo, a limited edition Corey Miller shirt and you go in the draw to get tattooed by the man himself. Click here for more details.

If you simply wish to purchase a 3-day or single day pass click here.

More tattoo artists have been added to the website, including several Japanese tebori artists, many Australians and quite a few international artists. To avoid disappointment I would suggest contacting them now if you wish to get inked by anyone on the day.


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If Crazy AITS or the Melbourne Tattoo Expo will be your first time attending a tattoo expo you may like to read through my Tattoo Expo Etiquette post to know what to expect.

Are you attending either of these expos? Who are you getting tattooed by?


Tattoo Expo Fever: Two Months To Go!

It’s only two months to go until Tattoo Expo fever hits Melbourne. With two huge tattoo expos over the first two weekends in November, the ink will be flying.

The Australian International Tattoo Show, also known as Crazy AITS, boasts 88 booths of tattoo artists from across Australia and the world. Running from Friday, November 2 to Sunday November 4 at the Hilton on the Park in Melbourne there is something for everyone; whether you want to get tattooed, attend a seminar or simply watch these masters at work.

I’m already booked in with Andrea Afferni from Italy to get my Phil Collins black and grey portrait tattoo. I hope to get tattooed by Dan Smith too, a flower on my knee to match my other done by Grant Cobb.

For all the LA Ink and NY Ink fans out there, Crazy AITS is your chance to meet Dan Smith and Billy DeCola

UPDATE – I’ve just been informed that Dan Smith will no longer be attending. However, Billy DeCola is still advertised to attend.

Will the likes of Nikko Hurtado, Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell and Mick Squires, Crazy AITS is one tattoo expo you should not miss.


For all artist and ticketing info, click here.

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The following weekend (November 9-11) will see hundreds of tattoo artists, body piercers and performers once again invade the Melbourne Exhibition Center. Only in it’s second year, the Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo is sure to grow in the coming years. With tattooing, live performances, tattoo competitions and exhibitors selling everything from books, paintings, prints and clothing; there’s something for everyone.

Several international artists such as Craigy Lee (who tattooed me at the first Melbourne Tattoo Expo) from London, several Japanese tattoo artists and many Australian artists will be there to tattoo you, and have plenty of sketch books and prints for sale.

The big draw card this year is the one and only Corey Miller. There has already been such a positive reaction to this news, that if you want to get tattooed by him, I’d get in quick. Click here for his contact details.

UPDATE – It was recently announced that you can win a 3-4 hour tattoo session with Corey. All you have to do is purchase your ticket and you’ll go in to the draw. As a bonus, you also receive an exclusive T-Shirt. Purchase your VIP Corey Miller Experience Ticket here. This competition is only available online.

The list of artists appearing  has yet to be finalised, however there is a good chance that many of the same artists from Crazy AITS will also be tattooing at the Melbourne Tattoo Expo.


For all artist and ticketing info, click here.

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Will you be attending either of these tattoo expos?

Start saving every penny!

Tattoo by Arn Lyons

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being tattooed by Arn Lyons, one of the newest additions to the team at The Piercing Urge.

I was originally going to have some doves tattooed on the back of my neck, and then an all-seeing eye with vines and flowers on the back of my calf. Instead Arn combined the two ideas into the one piece, with an all-seeing eye surrounded by several dove silhouettes.

The tiny dove in the centre of the eye is the perfect touch.

Next up is a piece for my thigh opposite of my Craigy Lee tattoo. It will be a candle-lit lantern surrounded by flowers and leaves, with a banner running through it with the lyrics “Take the light and darken everything around me” from the Seether song Rise Above This.

My Favourite Things of 2011

My Favourite Things of 2011

Favourite Convention of 2011
Wrestle Reunion 5

The Melbourne Tattoo Expo was special because I got tattooed by Craigy Lee, but it pales in comparison with my three days at Wrestle Reunion 5.

I bought a VIP pass and got to meet wrestlers I had grown up watching. It was such a surreal moment, and one I will never forget. The ROH and PWG shows that same weekend are the best wrestling events I have ever been to.

Favourite Blogger of 2011
Kandee Johnson

Makeup artist, master of arts and crafts and a mother of four, is there anything she can’t do?
Kandee’s blog and YouTube videos provide a constant source of information and inspiration.

Favourite Clothing Line of 2011
Sober Is Sexy

A percentage of profits from this clothing line goes towards charity. Sober Is Sexy is a collection of shirts, singlets and pants promoting a sober lifestyle of not partaking in drugs or alcohol. Sober is the sexy look, not being a hot mess.

Collection two is now on sale.

Favourite Podcast of 2011
The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

Each week Colt speaks with a fellow professional wrestler about memorable moments in their careers. The podcast introduces the listeners to wrestlers they may have never heard of. It is not just a wrestling podcast, but life stories, lessons and memories from people living their dream, travelling around the world entertaining others.

Help support the podcast by going to Colt Merch.

Favourite Television Show of 2011
American Horror Story.

At first I was sceptical, as the storyline seemed similar to the Amityville Horror. But as they slowly revealed more about the history of the house and introduced more characters, I was hooked. I don’t see how this show can go further than one season.

This has been the first show in years where I truly have had no idea where the story would go next. We need more horror/thriller television shows like this.

Favourite Movie of 2011

Favourite Singer/Band of 2011

His work with The Basics is how I first discovered several years ago, and I’ve since fallen in love with his sound.

I like to think of Wally De Backer as an Australian Phil Collins. Both being drummers, he tells tales of heartache through his experimentation with sound bites and instruments.

Favourite Live Music Event of 2011
Stevie Nicks

Hearing Stevie perform ‘Edge of Seventeen’ live was so hauntingly beautiful.

Check out my review here.

Favourite Tattoo Artist of 2011
Grant Cobb

Favourite Painter of 2011
Shawn Barber

Favourite Magazine of 2011
Inked Australia/New Zealand magazine

With the amount that I write and talk about this magazine you would be mistaken in thinking i was getting paid to do so. But it is this magazine that reinvigorated my love of writing, introduced to me countless number of artists, the best in their mediums.

I’ve been inspired by the people in the magazine, out there making a living doing what they love, all unique in their own special ways. There is no Australian tattoo magazine on the market that offers that mix of lifestyle, art, music etc.

Check out my reviews of Inked Australia here.

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2011 in Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of my favourite photos from 2011.

2011 Highlights –

Carnival Cruise – Miami > Key West > Cozumel > Miami
Peony tattoo (Love Hate Tattoo Parlour)
Washington DC
New York
Stuck in a blizzard
WWE Raw taping
WrestleReunion 5 – VIP
Ring of Honor show
Pro Wrestling Guerilla show
Day on the Green – INXS, Train, The Baby Animals, Sean Kelley
Changing stores/jobs
Bryan Adams
Stevie Nicks
Melbourne Tattoo Expo – tattooed by Craigy Lee
Roving Reporter for YouthCentral website

My New Year’s Resolution? To make 2012 even more life-changing and amazing than 2011 was.

My New Tattoo

Friday September 16th kicked off the first day of the inaugural Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo.

Thanks to Inked Australia/NZ Magazine, it is how I discovered Craigy Lee. I am a big fan of his neo-traditional style.

My original concept was an owl perched atop a skull, a pocket watch in its claws, surrounded by a mix of decaying and blooming roses. I went to Craigy Lee with this idea and booked in to be tattooed by him at the expo.

I gave him complete artist freedom to make the design his own. The pocket watch was an element which was removed from the design as it would have made it look too cluttered. The decaying roses would not have translated well as a tattoo, so instead the skull is missing the lower jaw, adding a dramatic effect.

After 4 and a half hours of tattooing, this was the end result:


While it did not win Female Tattoo of the Day (Friday), the tattoo is beautiful, and something I will forever love adorning my body.

Craigy Lee is in Australia for only a couple more weeks before he heads back home to England. Check out his website for more details.