Inked Australia/New Zealand Issue 12 Review

Issue 12 of Inked Australia Magazine is the annual Artist issue. No musicians, no models, just tattoo artists doing what they do best; displaying their art to the world.

This issue also marks the two year anniversary or 2nd birthday for Inked Australia/NZ. As posted on Facebook, Issue 13 is to be a celebration of this feat. I’m curious to see what they have in store for us.

Some may remember Australian Ink magazine from a few years back. After several issues it was abruptly taken from the shelves. Mere months later Inked Australia/NZ magazine graced us with its presence.

With a 28,000 plus Facebook fan base and another 4000 followers on Twitter, this magazine has gone from issue 1 two years ago, to publishing 4 issues of Inked Girls, and 1 issue of Inked Artists, to now celebrating issue 12.

Megan Massacre, the token female from NY Ink is the cover girl for Issue 12. The accompanying article delves a little in to Massacre’s life as the female cast member of NY Ink, and balancing her love of tattooing and modelling.

The shock value of seeing a female tattoo artist is slowly waning. I think Megan put it best when she said: “I don’t want to be known as a great female artist – I want to be known as a great artist”

For the most part, tattoo artists from the east coast of Australia seem to get most of the attention, but not this issue. A tattoo parlour from each state and territory in Australia is featured. New Zealand fans, don’t fret, you haven’t been forgotten.

More than 50 tattoo artists are featured in this issue, each describing their positive and negative views on modern tattooing. Tattooing has changed dramatically over time, but even just in the past 10 years new styles are emerging.  Each individual interview gives some much-needed insight into the real tattoo industry.

Keen to get your first tattoo, but don’t know where to start? Page 82 is a must-read for people not familiar with the tattoo process.

It is followed by a piece about laser tattoo removal, and the information is not pretty. For many, I think, tattoo removal seems like the simple solution to getting rid of your unwanted ink. Be prepared to be shocked by the truths behind this practice, and remember think before you ink.

In addition to Australia’s talent, Canada’s Zombie Boy, Rick Genest makes a surprise appearance modelling clothing. I love how he is somewhat carrying on the tradition of circus/sideshow freaks.

Then with Chris Nunez, sitting on a toilet with his pants around his ankles with that token smirk on his face, it’s difficult for me not to melt inside. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a handsome man with tattoos. If that doesn’t float your boat, there is an article about his new television show, Ink Master which he hosts along with Oliver Peck and Dave Navarro.

For a magazine without the support or resources of a corporation like ACP Magazines, Inked Australia/NZ continues to deliver a quality magazine every time.  With so few people behind the scenes, creating this magazine is more than a job, it’s a time consuming passion that we’re lucky to have shared with us.

Always willing to offer knowledge and advice within the pages of the magazine, the Editor, Ness extends this to Facebook and Twitter. Steering people to decent tattoo artists, she’s single headedly saving the citizens of Australia and New Zealand from one more tattoo disaster. Super Ness – cue the theme music. (Clearly I’ve lost my marbles)

If you’ve yet to get a response to your email, Facebook post or Tweet, be patient. It’s a one-woman show across those social media platforms.

Inked Australia may very well be your tattoo bible, but if there is one issue to buy, this is it. Issue 12 is a detailed directory of the best of the best Australia has to offer, with interviews and photographs of each artist’s work.

Your newsagent doesn’t have Inked Australia/NZ in stock? Ask them to order it in for you. Better yet, subscribe to receive a free gift and have the magazine delivered straight to you every two months.

And ladies, don’t forget that entries for Miss Inked 2013 close on Friday 20 April.


Inked Australia/New Zealand Magazine – Issue 11 Review

Inked Australia/New Zealand Magazine – Issue 11 Review

A tattoo conveys a moment in time, a memory, an emotion, beauty.

Coming up to the end of another year, the sixth and last issue for 2011, Issue 11 has really struck a chord with me. After I managed to pry the magazine out of my dad’s hands, I locked myself away to read it without any distractions.

The Inked team have outdone themselves once again. Every two months we’re presented with a magazine full of fresh faces; artists who have talent we could only dream of possessing. Inked Australia/New Zealand is my tattoo bible. Nowhere else will you find such a vast number of artists, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a tattoo artist who will give you tattoo you will forever cherish.

I wasn’t far in before I started daydreaming (it’s either because I’m a Pisces or some form of ADD, but I often find myself drifting between my imagination and reality). I began thinking about how much of the tattoo community is open-minded and accepting. There is a much different definition of success between these people. Inked Australia/New Zealand magazine is a great source of inspiration for those of you who don’t find a ‘normal’ 9-5 job appealing.

Without sounding preachy, there really are many paths which you can take in life, but in the end it is you, and only you, who decides on your happiness. These images and those words on the page are spoken by real people, just like you and me. There are other ways to support yourself, doing the thing you love, whether it is music, painting, fashion, digital design, photography or tattooing.

Art transcends life, it is all around us. Doe Deere went from ‘a self-taught makeup artist posting tutorials online’ to creating Lime Crime makeup (Page 22). Strawberry Siren (Page 30) has been performing her whole life, from growing up in the circus to becoming a burlesque performer. Some Young Punks (Page 52), an Australian wine brand, has taken inspiration from graphic novels for their wine labels, taking the industry in a new direction.

Determination, defiance and self-belief are common traits of those who grace the pages of this magazine. They’ve surrounded themselves with supportive people, building a strong foundation to grow from. Their original ideas make them unique and pave the way for others to take creativity to a new level. Money isn’t the focus; it is the stories behind their journey to where they are today, the art on their bodies collected along the way. While some tattoos may be the same, the stories never are.

Perhaps I think too deeply about the subtext in the magazine. However, being a lifelong magazine enthusiast and an aspiring journalist, I can’t help but engulf myself in each and every issue. Tattoos bring out different reactions from people. For me it is more than just ink on someone’s body. I don’t get tattooed to rebel, or to follow a fad. To some I may be the biggest contradiction. I enjoy all things 80s, the cornier the better. Reading the stories of these tattooed people reminds me that there is no stereotypical tattooed person. Their interests and talents are as varied as anybody else.

Angelique Houtkamp is a name fast becoming synonymous with tattooing. The beautiful black and white photographs of her reminded me of the book The Tattooed Lady. You could be mistaken for thinking she was from the 1920s. Angelique brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to tattooing. So dainty and lady-like, yet covered in tattoos; she is simply gorgeous.

She was recently in Australia to promote Tattoo Parlour‘a book and exhibition, which celebrates artists from the tattoo world.’ See pages 38-45 for the full interview.

Many cannot forget the atrocity Christian Audigier created with his failed Ed Hardy clothing line. But ‘The Fabric of Design’ feature (Page 76) shines the light on tattooed Australian designers who have taken their original concepts to create their own successful fashion empires.

It was great to see Frederick Bain featured in this issue. He has recently moved from New Zealand to Melbourne, tattooing out of The Piercing Urge in Prahran. I just so happen to be getting tattooed there in a few weeks by another of their resident tattoo artists, Arn Lyons. Frederick is next on my list. He has an amazing eye for realistic pieces. Thanks New Zealand, another talented person for us Aussies to call our own.

Other artists included in Issue 11 are:

* Mike Rubendall
* Mattoo
* Tim Kern
* Rose Hardy
* Taylor Reeve
* Caia Koopman
* Edith Lebeau
* Hoang Nguyen
* Janice Urnstein Weissman
* Shawn Barber

Being a subscriber to Inked Australia/New Zealand magazine meant I got Issue 11 a few days earlier than the general public. It’s just one of the perks of being a subscriber, no hassle with trying to find a newsagent with the magazine in stock and every new subscriber gets a free gift (it is currently a choice of two necklaces from Rust & Regret). Not to mention you save from 25-30% off the cover price depending on whether you get a one or two year subscription. To subscribe to Inked Australia/New Zealand magazine click here or fill out the form on Page 37.

As a little post-Christmas gift for all the readers (including subscribers), Issue 11 comes with another calendar. This time a Sailor Jerry calendar usually reserved for US Inked magazine.

And if Alesandra Nicole on the cover and the calendar still isn’t enough for you, never fear. Inked Girls 4 will be hitting the shelves sometime in January. To avoid disappointment, head in and ask your local newsagents to order it in just for you.

If you’re feeling lucky, check out the competition on page 16 to win copies of LA Ink and NY Ink.

What was your favourite part of Issue 11?

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Inked Artists Magazine – Issue One 2012

Inked Australia/New Zealand magazine is once again expanding. Joining their flagship magazine and Inked Girls is Inked Artists.

The editor just revealed the secret project by posting a sneak peek of the cover on Inked Australia’s Twitter page.

Tim Hendricks graces the cover, and with the likes of Corey Miller, Steve Cross, Mick Squires and Sam Rulz also mentioned on the cover.

Be sure to pick up Issue One 2012 of Inked Artists from all good news agents from Friday November 25. And while you’re at it, check out Issue 10 of Inked Australia/New Zealand and Issue 3 of Inked Girls, neither will fail to disappoint.