Inked Australia/NZ 100,000 Facebook Fans Competition

Modern Medusa is still dead and buried (for the time being, at least) but I thought it would be cruel of me not to share this will you all.

To celebrate closing in on 100,000 fans on Facebook, Inked Australia/NZ are running their biggest competition to date.


From Inked Australia/NZ’s Facebook page:

Want $1000 towards your next tattoo?

To celebrate Inked Aus/NZ Facebook page about to reach 100,000 likes we’re giving away 100,000 cents (AUD$1000) towards one person’s next tattoo.

To win all you need to do is post a drawing/picture of the tattoo you want and tell us why you want it to our Facebook page before March 1st 2013.

The Inked Team will then choose their winner of the grand prize!

T&Cs: This is not a game of chance. You must live in Australia or New Zealand. Cash is not redeemable for the prize. The money (AUD$1000) will be paid directly to a registered tattooist (*NSW) in Australia or New Zealand at time of winner being tattooed. Contest runs from 12 February 13 till midnight 28 February 2013. This prize cannot be shared, but can be used over various sittings. Winner announced 4 March 2013. Winner chosen by Inked Australia/NZ team, not by most Facebook likes.

Put on your thinking cap, put pen to paper, create a collage of ideas and get writing. Inked Australia/NZ wants to know what you want for your next tattoo and why you want to win.

This money could mean finally being able to afford a tattoo from your favourite tattoo artist. Maybe you have no tattoos and want to get your first. Or perhaps you have a bad tattoo just begging to be covered up.

So far there are under 200 entries. It’s free to enter, so what have you got to lose? You have better chances of winning this than the lottery!

$1000 towards your next tattoo is huge. Show your appreciation by liking Inked Australia/NZ on Facebook, following them on Twitter @Inked_Australia and spreading the word!


Picking up copies of Inked Australia/NZ magazine, Inked Girls and Inked Artists wouldn’t hurt either ūüôā


My Favourite Things of 2012

I know 2012 isn’t over quite yet, but here is a list of My Favourite Things of 2012.


New Product – Chobani Greek Yogurt (you can check out my healthy recipes at my other blog here). I was spoilt as they sent me a case of yogurts to test out; now I’m addicted.

Podcasts –

  • The Wind Up
  • I Love Green Guide Letters
  • Little Dum Dum club
  • The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana


Tattoo Expo –¬† Rites of Passage Festival 2012 where I got a hand poked/tebori tattoo from Horishin.

Fitness Bloggers Р 

Jill Hanner
Kasey Arena – Powercakes
Cassey Ho – Pop Pilates


YouTubers –

Eat Your Kim Chi
Jenna Marbles
Daily Grace
You Deserve A Drink
My Drunk Kitchen

Movie – I think I only saw two or three new movies at the cinema this year and only because I reviewed them for Youthcentral. Going by that, Ted would have to be my favourite.


Song – Pink “Try”. The song has such deep and meaningful lyrics and visually beautiful video clip to accompany it.


Television Show РI Will Survive: Priscilla. I literally have never laughed as much at a reality television show. Tom was such a cutie.


Tattoo Artist – Benjamin Laukis


Magazine – Once again, Inked Australia.


New tattoo – I got quite a few tattoos this year, but my Bakeneko/Nekomata tattoo has inspired me to really look into Japanese mythology. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting tattooed again, so I’ll have to live vicariously through everyone else like I already do.

Finding Positives In The Negatives

I’m not going to go in to detail over why I won’t be getting my Phil Collins portrait next weekend (maybe I’ll write about the drama somewhere down the line), but if I have one piece of advice for you it’s: Go to the Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo instead, and you won’t be left disappointed.¬†


With that being said, plans for several upcoming blog posts have been put on hold due to these recent events. I was planning on detailing the healing process of a new tattoo, comparing tattoo after care products, and reviews of both the tattoo expos in Melbourne this month. You’ll just have to check out a future issue of Inked Australia/NZ magazine for their coverage (cheap plug).


I’m out-of-pocket a few hundred dollars (deposit, expo tickets) because of this, however I’ve saved the money I would have spent on the tattoo, so that’s going towards getting my Japanese flower sleeve done, whenever that may be.


I really think it’s time for me to move out of home and move interstate like I’ve been saying for the past four to five years. I need to remove myself from this negative environment, an area of Melbourne that I’ve lived in my entire live. It’s a place where I can’t leave my house without seeing people I went to school with, the people who I have nothing in common with and all but negative memories of.¬†As soon as I find a job, I’m packing up my things and starting fresh.


Over the coming weeks I’ll be listing a tonne of things that I’m selling. They’ll range from shoes, clothing, DVDs, CDs, books, jewellery (brand new 00g plugs and eyelets) and accessories; everything must go.¬†


For the foreseeable future this blog will be fairly quiet, but if you get tattooed at either of the expos feel free to share your photos of your new tattoo and your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Tattoo Expo Fever – 25 Days To Go

It’s less than four weeks until the Australian International Tattoo Show. As if this event could get any better, it was announced today that Ami James from Miami Ink and NY Ink will be attending. If you wish to get tattooed by Ami, it’s best to contact him directly.

UPDATE: Shortly after announcing that Ami would be attending the announcement was removed from their Facebook page. By the looks of it, it’s unlikely he will be there.

Tickets can now be purchased online for Crazy AITS. Why buy now? Because you’ll get your tickets at a discount rate and it means skipping the queues at the expo.

The Crazy AITS website has recently been updated. Click here to check out all the newly added tattoo artists and for a detailed itinerary for each day of the expo.

Like Crazy AITS on Facebook.

Follow Crazy AITS on Twitter.

Five days after Crazy AITS wraps up, we’re treated to the 2nd Annual Melbourne Tattoo And Body Art Expo.

The Corey Miller VIP Experience Tickets/Competition are on sale until October 30. For $60 you get a day pass for the Melbourne Tattoo Expo, a limited edition Corey Miller shirt and you go in the draw to get tattooed by the man himself. Click here for more details.

If you simply wish to purchase a 3-day or single day pass click here.

More tattoo artists have been added to the website, including several Japanese tebori artists, many Australians and quite a few international artists. To avoid disappointment I would suggest contacting them now if you wish to get inked by anyone on the day.


Like Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo on Facebook.

Follow Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo on Twitter.


If Crazy AITS or the Melbourne Tattoo Expo will be your first time attending a tattoo expo you may like to read through my Tattoo Expo Etiquette post to know what to expect.

Are you attending either of these expos? Who are you getting tattooed by?

My Full Back Piece

Lately I have been gathering inspiration for my full back piece tattoo. I already have a lower back tattoo:


and my neck/upper back tattooed:


so whatever I design will have to incorporate these two pieces into it.

So far these are the ideas I have –

  • A girl with flowing hair standing in a graveyard
  • Wearing beads and torn clothes
  • A single tear falling from her eye
  • Tombstones in the background
  • Ravens flying (turning into my white doves)
  • Storm clouds
  • Dead trees
  • A black cat (with bright yellow eyes)¬†trailing behind the girl

With the amount of hours required for a full back piece, my choice of tattooist will most likely be limited to those living in Victoria. Now comes the fun of deciding who to choose.

Rites of Passage Festival 2012

Yesterday I went to Day 2 of the 2012 Rites of Passage Festival. It was held at the Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.¬†The amazingly detailed painted walls and ceilings that decorate the building made for a perfect setting for equally amazing art being tattooed on people’s skin.

Once I stepped inside, I made a bee line to the Japanese booths. I wanted to see people getting hand poked tattoos to see what I was in for.

I couldn’t help but cringe at a young guy getting his stomach tattooed by another Japanese artist. Whenever he sat up to take a break, he looked white as a sheet. I’d love to see photos of that completed piece as I’m sure all the pain he went through would have been well worth it.

There was a slight miscommunication, as I was booked in to be tattooed 12-4pm, but was changed to later in the afternoon. It was probably a blessing as I was able to see most of the expo.

I would like to say a special thanks to Crystal from Gimeneko Books. She organises the artists to come to Australia from Japan, books their appointments with clients and acts as their translator. Crystal made sure the artists knew what to tattoo on people and answered any questions people had.

With time to waste, I made my way around the booths, trying not to spend all my money before getting tattooed. I was tempted to buy an adult animal costume at one booth. I don’t care how impractical it is, I really wanted that turtle costume.

I purchased an amazing Sam Rulz print of a hammerhead shark. I am obsessed with these creatures and hope to one day have one tattooed on me.

I love my henna tattoo that I got done on the top of my right hand. I couldn’t believe how quickly the woman drew it. She was doing all pieces completely free hand. The designs are said to last somewhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

The Outre¬†Gallery booth was one I couldn’t miss. I finally got my hot little hands on Angelique Houtkamp’s¬†books Tattoo Darling and Tattoo Mystique. There were plenty of Shawn Barber, Angelique Houtkamp and other artists framed and numbered prints on show.

I visited the Inked Australia magazine booth where I got to meet the lovely editor, Ness in person for the first time. I had a sneak peek of Issue 13 which is on sale this coming Wednesday, May 2nd.

Unfortunately I didn’t get around to the Tattoos for Wishes booth as I was running behind schedule due to my other tattoo. I still plan on making a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation. If you would like to also, click here for more details.

Overall it was such a great day. Being only the second tattoo expo that I have attended, I know I will be back next year. There’s nothing I love more than being surrounded by local and world renowned tattoo artists.

My New Tattoo

Friday September 16th kicked off the first day of the inaugural Melbourne Tattoo and Body Art Expo.

Thanks to Inked Australia/NZ Magazine, it is how I discovered Craigy Lee. I am a big fan of his neo-traditional style.

My original concept was an owl perched atop a skull, a pocket watch in its claws, surrounded by a mix of decaying and blooming roses. I went to Craigy Lee with this idea and booked in to be tattooed by him at the expo.

I gave him complete artist freedom to make the design his own. The pocket watch was an element which was removed from the design as it would have made it look too cluttered. The decaying roses would not have translated well as a tattoo, so instead the skull is missing the lower jaw, adding a dramatic effect.

After 4 and a half hours of tattooing, this was the end result:


While it did not win Female Tattoo of the Day (Friday), the tattoo is beautiful, and something I will forever love adorning my body.

Craigy Lee is in Australia for only a couple more weeks before he heads back home to England. Check out his website for more details.